This is a sourcebook on an alternative method of playing D&D 4th Edition.

The problem is defined as such: I like playing, but I feel sometimes the urge to mix up my characters, perhaps play a side campaign with an alternate character, and generally want more muddiness in my D&D campaign. Plus, sometimes I want to DM a quick session, or a larger game, and sometimes I don’t.

The solution is summarized as such: Create a (small) world-building mini-game out of maintaining your Domicile, your Entourage, and your Hoard, as well as choosing who is the DM, who is playing the Characters from the Entourage, and how your Adventuring Company evolves.

Note: This game is not meant to usurp the D&D experience, simply to enrich it between and before/after sessions. If your like us, some people show up early, some people stay late, and this gives something to do during that time, as well as give a reasonable excuse for cutting down the quest size from Epic to something potentially menial.

D&D Tactica